October 10, 2018

Breast Cancer Awareness

The girls. The headlamps. Your pillows.

Your breasts.

They first made themselves known when you were around 11. Itching, showing up under your teeshirt and embarrassing you at the pool if you had a younger brother who loved to point them out.

In adulthood they’ll have taken on a different character; attracting stares, comments. They’ll have gone on to be a source of fun, pleasure and comfort and may have nourished a baby or two and so now you have mixed feelings about them. Are they still perky; do they still hold up that teeshirt or does the teeshirt hold them up?

Feel yourself up

Whatever shape, size or texture those puppies are, Skinkandy wants them to be in the best of health so that you’re also in the pink.

This is why we have a big self-check promotion on in October – to encourage you all to feel yourselves up a bit.

Early detection of cancer is vital to good outcomes

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is to check your breasts regularly. You can start your self-check programme at any age and at any time of the month.

Speaking of that special time…

Your breasts change throughout your cycle so you may find that they feel tender, softer, harder and even more lumpy at different times of the month. Get to know these changes so that you’re not alarmed when you notice it. If the change comes and goes on a monthly basis, then it’s probably hormonal. It’s the changes that come to stay that you need to be looking for. Here are some findings that you should take straight to the doctor:

  • a new lump in your breast or under your arm;
  • any swelling or thickening anywhere in your breast;
  • dimpling, puckering, irritation or colour changes in the skin;
  • any kind of discharge other than breast milk;
  • any change in the shape or size of one breast (remember, pregnancy and your menstrual cycle cause changes on both sides);
  • flaking or cracking in the skin anywhere on your breast or around your nipple, and
  • pain anywhere around your breast, armpit and décolletage.

Most changes, lumps and irregularities are harmless or may be something that still needs treatment, like a cyst or a blocked milk duct. If you do find something that you’re worried about, don’t hope it’ll go away on its own, take it to your doctor ASAP.

Breast Cancer is a serious topic, and while our mood may seem light in this blog post here at SkinKandy we take it really seriously. Thats why this October we are donating $5 from every Nipple Piercing to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Last year we were able to raise a whooping $6000 but we want to take it to the next level! For 2018 we have the massive aim to beat last years total of $6135 and we cant do it without you guys!! Already have your nipple pierced? or a nipple piercing not for you? Thats okay, you can jump on here and donate your $5 (or whatever amount you want!).


Image above: SkinKandy Presenting the National Breast Cancer Foundation with a cheque in 2017. Plans are to beat the $6135 amount this year!!


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