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A:Shop 179, Cnr Gympie & Hamilton Road, Chermside, Westfield Chermside, 4032, QLD
Shop 179, Cnr Gympie & Hamilton Road, Chermside, Westfield Chermside, 4032, QLD

Hey! Are you looking for the best body piercing Chermside has to offer? Well congratulations – you found us! Welcome to SkinKandy Chermside, one of our many #1 rated body piercing stores across Australia. You can find us at Westfield Chermside, shop 179 where our team of experts are ready to greet you with a smiling face.

Most people know we’re the Chermside body piercing experts, but we’re also so much more! We carefully source an incredible range of high-quality jewellery, making us your one-stop piercing and jewellery shop. From earlobes to eyebrows to noses and noses, there’s basically nothing we can’t do. Our team are highly qualified and experienced, so you can trust you’re getting a clean, safe and expert job every single time.

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Meet your Piercers


Fave piercing:Nose & Ear Creations
Specialist In:Anything double & Conch
Loves:All things strange and spooky
Hates:Ignorance & the Sun
With SK since:November 2019


A.K.A:Tee or Teej…
Fave piercing:Anything double
Specialist In:Venom Bites
Loves:Really fluffy cats
Hates:Food that looks sweet but is deceivingly savoury
With SK since:October 2016


Fave piercing:Bridge
Specialist In:Anything I put my mind to
Loves:Raccoons, the cold, the colour pink.
Hates:The patriarchy, bugs and sand
With SK since:2020


Fave piercing:Septum or Philtrum
Specialist In:TBA
Loves:Spending time with my kids and being tattooed
With SK since:


Fave piercing:dermal
Specialist In:facial piercings
Loves:cats, tattoos, music and honesty
Hates:spiders, disrespect
With SK since:2021


A.K.A:Don’t have one
Fave piercing:Conch and Tongue
Specialist In:TBA
Loves:MARVEL and metal
Hates:Judgmental people
With SK since:Aug 2017
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