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A:Shop 2549, 2 Mangrove Road, Mackay, Caneland Central Shopping Centre, 4740, QLD
Shop 2549, 2 Mangrove Road, Mackay, Caneland Central Shopping Centre, 4740, QLD

Hi there! Welcome to SkinKandy Mackay, the best body piercing Mackay has to offer. You can find us at Shop 2549 of the Caneland Central Shopping Centre. How’s that for convenience? Whether you’re a seasoned body piercing lover or just getting started, we’d love to meet you! If you’re already pierced, we’ve got an awesome range of body jewellery to choose from, so why not come and check it out today? There’s no bad time to update your jewellery collection, right?

If you’re new to body piercing, that’s cool too! Our staff are highly trained professionals, and they love getting people started on their body piercing journey. If you’re nervous, you don’t have to worry, because the smiling faces of our friendly team will set you at ease. So, to see how Mackay body piercing really should be done, click the button below and make a booking with SkinKandy Mackay today!

Meet your Piercers


Fave piercing:Nipple
Specialist In:TBA
Loves:Burnouts, 1/4 Drags, Tattoos & a good selfie
Hates:Samsungs, Frozen (the movie) & Milk
Would rather be:iI Ibiza, living a high life
With SK since:August 2020


Fave piercing:Tongue
Specialist In:TBA
Would rather be:Laying on a tropical beach
With SK since:


Fave piercing:Septum
Specialist In:TBA
Loves:Labyrinth- The Movie
Hates:Repetitive Noises
Would rather be:Getting A Tattoo
With SK since:April 2019


Fave piercing:Industrial
Specialist In:Ear Projects & Dermals
Loves:Being outdoors, off roading, camping & music
Hates:Negative Attitudes
Would rather be:Naked
With SK since:June 2016


Fave piercing:Septum
Specialist In:Rook & Daith
Loves:Books and baking
Hates:Bugs and frogs
Would rather be:Skiing in Japan
With SK since:Nov 2015
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