Piercing shop Northland

Address: 2-50 Murray Rd, Preston VIC 3072

Email: northland@skinkandy.com

Phone: 03 9119 0290


Hey! Welcome to SkinKandy Northland, one of our #1 body piercing locations in Australia.

You can find us at Shop CO29 at Northland Shopping Centre, Street Address 2-50 Murray Rd, Preston VIC. We not only specialise in a wide range of body piercings but we also sell carefully sourced jewellery with the highest quality standards in mind. If you can name it, we probably do it. From children’s lobes, to nose, helix and navel piercings our staff are highly trained specialists proud of every single piercing they do and trust us, they do a lot.

What are you waiting for? Book now and start your piercing journey with SK today!


A.K.A. Emily

Fave piercing: Neck dermals

Specialist in: Dermals

Loves: Threaded jewellery

Hates: Nothing

With SK since: 2020


A.K.A. Grace

Fave piercing: Dermals

Specialist in: Dermals & Surface Piercings

Loves: Skateboarding, Music & Art

Hates: Rain on my days off

With SK since: 2021


A.K.A. Jaquelyn

Fave piercing: Septum

Specialist in: Customer service

Loves: Music, cats & crafting

Hates: Scary movies

With SK since: 2021


A.K.A. Lola

Fave piercing: Bridge

Specialist in: Facial Piercings

Loves: Dogs & Nature

Hates: Rascism and anyone unkind

With SK since: 2021

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