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A:Shop 1030A Westpoint, Shopping Centre, 17 Patrick Street, Blacktown, NSW 2148
Shop 1030A Westpoint, Shopping Centre, 17 Patrick Street, Blacktown, NSW 2148

Hi there! Welcome to SkinKandy Westpoint, one of our amazing, #1 body piercing locations in Australia. We’re conveniently located in shop 1030A at the Westpoint Shopping Centre. If you want to meet a smiling, friendly team of individuals who you can trust with your piercing needs, then look no further! Our staff are professionally trained, and highly experienced. They also love what they do, and can’t wait to help you get started on your piercing journey.

Hang on, did you think piercing was all we did? Think again! We’ve got a massive range of top-quality jewellery too. So, you can pick from some of the best body jewellery in Australia when you come for the best body piercing Westpoint has to offer.

Don’t take a risk with body piercing. Come and see what Westpoint body piercing should really be like. All you need to do is click the button below and make a booking. Go!

Meet your Piercers


Fave piercing:Nipple
Specialist In:Childrens Ear Piercing
Hates:Being Hungry
With SK since:2018


Fave piercing:Septum
Specialist In:TBA
Loves:Video games, the outdoors and horror movies
Hates: Tomatoes, the sun
With SK since:2020


Fave piercing:Daith or Dermals
Specialist In:Conch, Septum
Loves:My Pug
Hates:Tomatoes and Seafood
With SK since:2018


Fave piercing:Dermals
Specialist In:Surface piercings
Loves:Heavy Metal & Drawing
Hates:Lets not go there
With SK since:2020
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