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BCRs can be placed in most piercings from genital piercings to ear piercings with the advantage that they are incredibly secure. An equally secure option in our BCRs segment rings category is segmented rings.

These come with a small section that keeps the ring in place with a small section that clips in and out. Segment rings are the perfect alternative to sleeper earrings and those who dislike BCRs. BCRs segment rings are available in different materials including titanium, steel and 14KT gold with a lifetime guarantee.

It will never warp or rust regardless of where it is placed on the body. BCRs are a ball closure ring which is one of the easiest rings to clip and ideal for use in the lip, upper ear, tragus and ear lobe. BCRs segment rings are similar in appearance with the only difference that the segment rings have segments which give it a smooth look.

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