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    Fakes are the body piercing types for those that want to be trendy and look amazing but cannot stand the pain. In general, body piercings are not painful, but some feel that the prick of a needle is too much. Others prefer not to have anything permanent and opt to wear fakes.  

    Body piercing imitation jewellery is a growing trend when deciding for an elaborate body design without the actual piercing. Use clip-ons that look authentic so that nobody would guess it is not actually pierced. The varied jewellery options also enhance the illusion.

    One size usually fits anyone and range from industrial barbells, to earrings, septum rings, genital rings, ear cuffs and tragus rings. Fakes are no secret in the body piercing industry and even ear plugs and tunnels are available to give the real look without the commitment. Nobody would ever know that it is not the real deal.

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