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If you are searching for a piece that will look great with any of your piercings the horseshoe barbell is just for you. Named for their distinctive shape, these piercings are similar to the captive bead ring. The curved barbell forms a half moon shape with a small space in the centre and a bead at each end.

Your horseshoe barbell is the perfect accessory for septum piercings, earlobes and even cartilage piercings. Not only are they infinitely versatile but they are also available in a wide range of sizes and gauges making them the perfect piercing to customise to your individual taste.

Add a range of horseshoe barbells to your piercing collection and rest assured that your piercing will always suit the occasion. For everyday wear opt for a stainless steel or titanium barbell. For formal settings, the gold plated stainless steel circular barbell is sure to steal the show.

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