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Industrial body piercing adds divine sophistication to any style. Featuring opal ball ends that are contrasted with smooth simplicity makes a perfect addition to ear cartilage. Industrial body piercings are made from a particular titanium alloy that is specifically annealed and refined for surgical implant applications. It is free of nickel and naturally biocompatible, equating to safe, durable jewellery.

Rose gold comprises of fine gold, platinum and copper. The adding of copper enhances strength while the red colour gives it a vintage and unique appearance. Shoot heart-tipped or feathered barbell arrows into an industrial piercing that will create an edgy and unique look.

Choose industrial barbells with an internal thread that ensure a seamless look with no visible threading or pick a barbell with removable balls on both sides for easy wearing. Our industrial body jewellery can be worn wherever you choose to have your next body piercing done.

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