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Working in a corporate environment does not mean that you have to give up your unique sense of style. Simply replace your metal jewellery with one of our retainers and the people around you will be none the wiser. You may also want to consider making use of retainers if you are going for a medical procedure like an MRI where metal jewellery is not allowed.

Whether you have an eyebrow, nose, or cartilage piercing there is an option that will help you keep your piercing from looking ostentatious. Even if you have a piercing which you believe is impossible to hide we have an option available for you. Our skin tone hider plugs will help you look like the ultimate professional.

With a wide variety of materials available like bioplast, glass, silicon, acrylic and monofilament our retainers will keep your piercings as clear as the day you had them done.

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