September 3, 2020

Q&A With Ellie – Curated Ears

Who is Ellie? Well, let’s just say she’s not just your average piercer!  She’s been with us since 2011 when our Mackay store opened and is now our National Compliance Manager at SK and boy does she do a good job of it. Her favourite piercings include philtrum, septum and conch, she loves foreign languages and hates waking up early, and to top it all off she’s performed over 20,000 piercings. That is A LOT of experience. 

So, we thought there’d be no one better than her to answer those important question you have – starting with the in’s and out’s of Curated Ear! Read on to learn all you need to know about this trend. 

1. What is a curated ear?

The definition of the word to “curate” basically means to select, organise and present. So, when a body piercer creates a curated look, they take into account their client’s individual anatomy and what piercings would work for them. Depending on the number of piercings the client is wanting to end up with, this can sometimes become a lengthy process, however, don’t let the healing time stop you from achieving these looks – this trend has become quite popular because no two ears are exactly the same. A unique look can be created for you, and with a whole range of jewellery choices, your options are almost limitless!

2. Should I plan out my curated ear look before starting the journey?

That’s completely up to you! Some people like to get impulse piercings because the rush of excitement makes them feel good (I was guilty of this as a teen!) whereas others like to envision their end goal first. If you’re not sure, have a chat with a piercer before starting so they can take a look at your anatomy and listen to your desires to make sure it will work for you.

3. What piercing should I start with?

You can’t go past a traditional helix piercing! This is the one up the top on the outer edge of the ear, however, can make its way down along the ear. Tragus and conch piercings are also very popular and suited to most anatomies. Piercings such a rook, forward helix and daith can be a little more complex, but still a great addition to consider.

4. Should I get all my piercings at once or one at a time?

At Skinkandy, we can only offer up to 4 piercings in one sitting. This is to allow the piercings the best chance at healing possible. Furthermore, it is recommended to wait a few weeks before adding more piercings into the mix. The more piercings done in a small space of time, the higher the chance of slower healing and/or rejection. Though, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a play around with markings and plan ahead for the future! So, depending on how many piercings you’re wanting to achieve your desired look, you may need to wait a little while. Your piercer can do a free check-up any time and advise you if you should wait.

5. Does it matter what metal I get pierced with?

YES! While we do offer basic options, we highly recommend upgrading your piercings to implant grade, internally threaded titanium. Not only is this one of the best qualities of metal that promotes better healing, but there are also heaps of fun tops you can add on (like opals, moons and clusters etc.). Your body is precious and it’s important to make sure what you decorate it with is healthy…even if it means spending that little bit extra.

6. How do you clean cartilage piercings?

New and/or healing piercings need to be cleaned twice a day (without removing the jewellery). Never touch them, including sleeping on or causing any sort of movement or pressure. Avoid soaking in any bodies of water (including ocean, bath and pool – lots of bacteria!) and be careful and rinse thoroughly when washing your face and hair. For ear piercings, it’s a great idea to change your pillowcase regularly and for piercings in tricky spots such as daith, to use a hairdryer to ensure there is no moisture build-up. Healed piercings should also be cleaned every so often too, to remove any natural build-up of oils produced from the skin – it can get a bit stinky otherwise!

7. How long will it take to heal?

Cartilage piercings can sometimes take up to a year to fully heal. If multiple piercings have been done in the same sitting (or close together in time), it can sometimes take even longer. If you’ve had a piercing for a very long time and it isn’t showing any signs of healing, you’ll need to find the underlying issue (aftercare, jewellery, placement etc.). If you’re concerned, contact your preferred clinic and they can advise you on what steps to take next.

8. What is your favourite piercing in a curated ear look?

I really enjoy a healed, snug little daith piercing with some awesome feature jewellery! Although, I haven’t tried this piercing for myself…yet.

9. Do you have/would you have a curated ear? 

I have had many piercings since I was a teenager. I currently have 6 in each ear, all healed and donned with our tiny Swarovski crystal tops. I LOVE the sparkle it creates when I’m showing them off.

10. One piece of advice you’d give someone thinking of starting a curated ear look?

If you’re new to piercings and thinking you might like to get one…or 7…but not quite sure where to start, start with something simple (like a helix piercing mentioned earlier) so you get the basic idea of what to expect. Things like a little bit of swelling, redness and tenderness are all part of the healing process and are not expected to fully heal overnight. Always consider spending that little bit extra for the better quality to help with the healing (and don’t forget you don’t have to wait to add some bling!). Listen to your piercer and any advice they provide and if you’re ever concerned, they’re always happy to have a chat.

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