A.K.A: Mrs Shark
Fave piercing: Nips & Dermals
Specialist In: Septums and Smileys
Loves: Fishing, tattoos and my bed
Hates: Stupid questions and terrible drivers
Would rather be: Camping
With SK since: May 2015
A.K.A: Madi, Madz, Nomad
Fave piercing: Venoms, Medusa, Vertical Labret
Specialist In: Dermals, Industrial, Traditional Tongue
Loves: Video games, good music, driving
Hates: Taking selfies and cleaning my car
Would rather be: Travelling
With SK since: April 2014
A.K.A: Kay
Fave piercing: Dermals, Cheeks, High Nostril and Vertical Labret
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: Body mod, art, chocolate, video games and animals
Hates: Getting an itch when putting on gloves
Would rather be: In Japan
With SK since: Sept 2015
A.K.A: Mickey
Fave piercing: Dahlia, Nipples, Scaffold, Rook, Conch
Specialist In: Daith, Rook, Cartilage projects
Loves: My little family, Coffee, Tattoos & Naruto
Hates: SPIDERS! Running out of coffee, waking up early
Would rather be: Sleeping, On a holiday, Getting ink
With SK since: March 2012


A.K.A: Sam
Fave piercing: Nostril
Specialist In: Helix Projects
Loves: TBA
Hates: TBA
Would rather be: TBA
With SK since: Nov 2016

Garden City

A.K.A: Kayls/Little Blue
Fave piercing: Conch and Dermals
Specialist In: Dermal and Ear Projects
Loves: Halloween, redbull, my cat Ghost
Hates: The sound $2 coins make when they clash
Would rather be: Looking at memes
With SK since: June 2017
AKA: Potato
Fave piercing: Dermals, Conch, Vertical Labret
Specialist In: Triple helix, Daith, Conch
Loves: Anime, cats, cheese, gigs
Hates: Loud people, fascism, slow walkers
Would rather be: With my plush toys watching cartoons
With SK since: June 2017
A.K.A: Emily Von Spoopy
Fave piercing: Conch, Reeeaallly big stretched earlobes!
Specialist In: Jewellery
Loves: Marilyn Manson
Hates: Normies & Onions
Would rather be: At a Marilyn Manson concert
With SK since: January 2018
A.K.A: Desi
Fave piercing: Navel
Specialist In: Tongues, Conches, Navels
Loves: Food, Gym, Tattoos
Hates: Do you want names?
Would rather be: In bed
With SK since: April 2018


A.K.A: George
Fave piercing: Medusa, conch
Specialist In: Most things
Loves: Dogs, online shopping
Hates: Grasshoppers, People who take their shoes off in public
Would rather be: Snoozing
With SK since: April 2015
A.K.A: Em
Fave piercing: Conch, Dermal, Septum
Specialist In: Most things
Loves: Travelling, Good Food, Music
Hates: Charity Hawkers, Magpies & Ignorant people
Would rather be: Holidaying anywhere
With SK since: June 2017
Madison Kate
A.K.A: Madi, Madz
Fave piercing: Dermal
Specialist In: Tongue
Loves: Greenday
Hates: Cats & the colour red
Would rather be: At the beach
With SK since: September 2017
A.K.A: Kat
Fave piercing: Septum, Dermal, Medusa
Specialist In: Cartilage piercings, Stretched lobes
Loves: Kittens and heavy metal
Hates: Slow walkers & rude people
Would rather be: At home with my kittens
With SK since: August 2017


A.K.A: Cassie
Fave piercing: Industrial
Specialist In: Ear Projects & Dermals
Loves: Being outdoors, off roading, camping & music
Hates: Negative Attitudes
Would rather be: Naked
With SK since: June 2016
A.K.A: Keels
Fave piercing: VCH
Specialist In: Genitals
Loves: My dog
Hates: Ignorance
Would rather be: In Luang Prabang, Laos
With SK since: March 2016
A.K.A: Amity
Fave piercing: Septum
Specialist In: Rook & Daith
Loves: Books and baking
Hates: Bugs and frogs
Would rather be: Skiing in Japan
With SK since: Nov 2015


A.K.A: Lans
Fave piercing: Conch/Daith/Nipples
Specialist In: Kids Lobes
Loves: My dog Boof
Hates: Avocado, Sharks (don’t know why they even exist??)
Would rather be: Getting a tattoo
With SK since: August 2017
A.K.A: Kiki
Fave piercing: Dermals
Specialist In: Dermals
Loves: Coffee, Wine
Hates: Rainy days
Would rather be: Shopping
With SK since: 2013


A.K.A: (not by choice lol) Tor
Fave piercing: Conch, Double anything
Specialist In: Dermals, Daiths
Loves: Food, Tattoos, Coffee
Hates: Repeating myself
Would rather be: In bed all the time
With SK since: November 2017
A.K.A: Lou
Fave piercing: Vertical Labret
Specialist In: Nose
Loves: Cats
Hates: Spiders
Would rather be: A cat
With SK since: December 2017
A.K.A: Tee or Teej…
Fave piercing: Anything double
Specialist In: Venom Bites
Loves: Really fluffy cats
Hates: Food that looks sweet but is deceivingly savoury
Would rather be: Exploring rain forests and new cities
With SK since: October 2016

North Lakes

A.K.A: Smellie
Fave piercing: Medusa
Specialist In: Almost everything!
Loves: Watermelon, Japanese food and the moon
Hates: Waking up early, bad spelling and being left on read
Would rather be: On a late night adventure to get ice-cream
With SK since: Oct 2011
A.K.A: Teegs
Fave piercing: Conch
Specialist In: Female & Male Genitals
Loves: Live Music, Vegetarian Food
Hates: When you buy an avocado and its brown inside
Would rather be: Relaxing with friends and family
With SK since: September 2017
A.K.A: Biff
Fave piercing: Conch
Specialist In: Navel
Loves: Sushi train
Hates: BIRDS
Would rather be: Chilling out with my little girls
With SK since: October 2017


A.K.A: Clo, Clover. ‘That piercing chick’ is something I get called a lot too.
Fave piercing: Stretched conch, Nipples, Horizontal lip, Big fat stretched lobes
Specialist In: Daiths, Dermals
Loves: Naps, Bunnings, Puppas, Cars, Racing, Adventures, Cold & rainy weather, My biological and not biological family, Tattoos
Hates: Clowns, Insects (esp. praying mantis) Spiders, Heights, Repetitiveness, People who don’t wear shoes/unclean people, Hangovers, Waking up before my alarm.
Would rather be: Exploring or relaxing with people I love
With SK since: August 2014
A.K.A: Lish
Fave piercing: Philtrum, Conch
Specialist In: Philtrums, Nipples
Loves: Red hair, Makeup, Food, Music, Motorbikes, Kitties, Rain
Hates: Spiders! Rude people, People who say my name wrong, Awkward silences
Would rather be: Sleeping, Snuggling with my cats or spending time with my family.
With SK since: April 2015
A.K.A: Mum
Fave piercing: Nip Noops
Specialist In: Rooks, Daiths
Loves: Naps, Cold Weather
Hates: Summer, Smelly people
Would rather be: Nappin’
With SK since: Jan 2017
A.K.A: Loot
Fave piercing: Scaffold, Dermals
Specialist In: Septum, Scaffolds
Loves: Animals, Music, Art, Games, Books, Bunnings snags
Hates: Mean people, Summer
Would rather be: Reading or hanging out with animals
With SK since: May 2017
A.K.A: Teegs
Fave piercing: Philtrum
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: Photography, Art, Animals, Books
Hates: Rude people, Humidity
Would rather be: Adventuring or cosy with a book. There is no in-between!
With SK since: February 2018


A.K.A: Kae/Kaeos
Fave piercing: Philtrum
Specialist In: All things genital!
Loves: Roller Derby, Rainy days and chocolate
Hates: Rude people, summer, country music
Would rather be: Skating
With SK since: Oct 2013
A.K.A: Tam
Fave piercing: Septum, Double Nostril and Double Helix
Specialist In: Septums, Dermals and Nipples
Loves: Self expression and bright hair
Hates: Rudeness
Would rather be: At the beach
With SK since: Dec 2014
A.K.A: Jac
Fave piercing: Philtrum
Specialist In: Triple projects and Nipples
Loves: Beards, Bears, Beer
Hates: Politicians, Perverts and Pus
Would rather be: In bed
With SK since: June 2014
A.K.A: Codes
Fave piercing: Stretched Lobes
Specialist In: Nostrils and Nipples
Loves: Horror movies, winter, anime, collecting anything creepy
Hates: Close-minded people, waking up early
Would rather be: Somewhere cold
With SK since: Sept 2015
A.K.A: Don’t have one
Fave piercing: Conch and Tongue
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: MARVEL and metal
Hates: Judgmental people
Would rather be: At a never ending comic con
With SK since: Aug 2017


A.K.A: Nae
Fave piercing: Philtrum
Specialist In: Ear Projects
Loves: My Cat
Hates: Geckos & wet paper
Would rather be: Napping with my cat Teo
With SK since: Aug 2016
A.K.A: B
Fave piercing: Dermals & Conch
Specialist In: VCH’s, Frenums, Dermals
Loves: My Birb-Levi, Wine, Food
Hates: Toads, closed minded & negative people
Would rather be: Petting a floof
With SK since: Feb 2017
A.K.A: Just Ayla
Fave piercing: Dermals & Nostrils
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: My cat, Fireball & hoarding crystals
Hates: Moths
Would rather be: Adopting every animal in sight
With SK since: June 2017
A.K.A: RyRy
Fave piercing: Tragus & Nostrils
Specialist In: N/A
Loves: Anything with a lil’ caffeine in it
Hates: Townsville Q&A Facebook page
Would rather be: Hanging out with my cat Nala
With SK since: June 2017


A.K.A: Howard
Fave piercing: Double Nostril
Specialist In: Most Piercings
Loves: Beverages and good company
Hates: Knees
Would rather be: Travelling/Snowboarding
With SK since: May 2016
A.K.A: Liv
Fave piercing: Snug/Medusa
Specialist In: Most piercings
Loves: Cats
Hates: Cockroaches
Would rather be: Just hanging out
With SK since: May 2016
A.K.A: Zozo
Fave piercing: Vertical Labret
Specialist In: Lobes
Loves: Flamingos, pinups, ratrods, rockabilly
Hates: Mean people
Would rather be: Saving all the homeless animals and bringing them home
With SK since: March 2016
A.K.A: Kiz
Fave piercing: Dermals
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: Coffee
Hates: Cold Coffee
Would rather be: Drinking Coffee in Melbourne
With SK since: October 2017
A.K.A: Kiki
Fave piercing: Hip staples or bottom navel
Specialist In: Navel piercings
Loves: Spontaneous adventures and puppy dogs
Hates: Spiders
Would rather be: In Bali
With SK since: July 2017


A.K.A: Chelle / Miss Modified
Fave piercing: Dermal Anchors
Specialist In: Most Piercings
Loves: Spending time with my family
Hates: Insects
Would rather be: On holidays
With SK since: Nov 2014
A.K.A: Maddie
Fave piercing: Double Nose
Specialist In: Most Piercings
Loves: Listening to music
Hates: Camping
Would rather be: At home, napping
With SK since: May 2016
A.K.A: Scotty or Kade
Fave piercing: Conch and Daith
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: Grey’s Anatomy, Cheerleading, Choc Milk
Hates: Sunburns
Would rather be: At Dreamworld
With SK since: July 2017

Mount Druitt

A.K.A: Courtie Bear
Fave piercing: Medusa
Specialist In: Most piercings
Loves: Mangoes & Dogs
Hates: Tomatoes
Would rather be: In bed or adveturing
With SK since: Oct 2017
A.K.A: Karla/Karrie/Karlie/Kaz/Karen
Fave piercing: Septum
Specialist In: Most piercings
Loves: Pineapple
Hates: Tomatoes (the devils fruit)
Would rather be: Sleeping
With SK since: October 2017
A.K.A: Lahs, Lala
Fave piercing: Dahlias
Specialist In: Most piercings
Loves: Cats & weird shoes
Hates: Public Transport
Would rather be: In bed
With SK since: Oct 2017
A.K.A: TB or T
Fave piercing: Inverted Vertical Labret, Dermals or Rooks
Specialist In: The fun stuff! Oral piercings, dermals, orbital piercings – anything out of the normal!
Loves: Piercing! Sleeping in, coffee, movie marathons 🙂
Hates: Rude people and bad drivers
Would rather be: Cuddling my kitties!
With SK since: 2011


A.K.A: Tee
Fave piercing: Dermals
Specialist In: Conch, Navel, Nipples
Loves: Cats, creepy things
Hates: Spiders & waking up early
Would rather be: At the beach or exploring haunted places
With SK since: Sept 2017
A.K.A: Shell
Fave piercing: Philtrum and stretched piercings
Specialist In: Septum
Loves: Body mods, avocados and OPALS
Hates: Olives and celery
Would rather be: Eating vegan food, moshing or bathing in lush products
With SK since: Sept 2017


A.K.A: Brookie, Kaos
Fave piercing: Septum, Philtrum, Ear projects
Specialist In: Nips, noses, or whatever you throw at me!
Loves: Music, tattoos and chocolate
Hates: Traffic, judgemental peeps
Would rather be: At a gig or on a holiday spending lotto winnings
With SK since: March 2017
A.K.A: Flis
Fave piercing: Double Conch, Industrials
Specialist In: Nose, Helix
Loves: Tea, my rabbit Pablo, not wearing shoes
Hates: People who say ‘Dude’ a lot
Would rather be: At home reading
With SK since: December 2017
A.K.A: Lizzy
Fave piercing: Nips
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: Cats
Hates: Aggression
Would rather be: At home with my cats
With SK since: December 2017
A.K.A: Clauds
Fave piercing: Septum
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: Music
Hates: Heights
Would rather be: Travelling the world
With SK since: February 2018


A.K.A: Liv
Fave piercing: Medusa
Specialist In: Nipples and triples
Loves: Tattoos
Hates: Tomatoes
Would rather be: A famous singer
With SK since: June 2016
A.K.A: Jordi, Jordz, Shorty
Fave piercing: Industrial
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: Sushi
Hates: Waking up early
Would rather be: Snorkelling in Fiji
With SK since: October 2017


A.K.A: T*
Fave piercing: Industrial/Ear Clusters
Specialist In: Dermals/Staples
Loves: Big Dogs
Hates: Rude people
Would rather be: back in Europe!
With SK since: Sept 2015
A.K.A: Cub
Fave piercing: Medusa & Vertical Labret
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: Animals and food
Hates: Devil bugs with wings a.k.a cockroaches!
Would rather be: Sipping cocktails on a yacht in the Caribbean!
With SK since: February 2016
A.K.A: Ezra
Fave piercing: Nape
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: KFC
Hates: Mondays
Would rather be: In bed watching Orange is the New Black
With SK since: September 2016
A.K.A: Jaz
Fave piercing: Industrial
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: Puppy dogs
Hates: Hunstman Spiders
Would rather be: Camping with friends
With SK since: December 2016
A.K.A: Shan
Fave piercing: Helix
Specialist In: Dermals/Staples
Loves: Sausage Dogs
Hates: Cats
Would rather be: in Paris
With SK since: March 2018
A.K.A: Jess
Fave piercing: Conch, Daith
Loves: Dancing
Hates: Rude people
Would rather be: on holidays
With SK since: June 2018


A.K.A: Rach
Fave piercing: Smiley
Specialist In: Septum
Loves: Food, naps, fitness
Hates: Tomatoes
Would rather be: Travelling the world
With SK since: July 2017
A.K.A: Britt
Fave piercing: Industrial & Nipple
Specialist In: Most piercings
Loves: My three cats
Hates: Not being at home with the cats
Would rather be: Playing video games
With SK since: November 2017
A.K.A: Don’t have one
Fave piercing: Venoms or snake eyes
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: Cats
Hates: Also cats. I mean, have you met a cat?
Would rather be: Sleeping
With SK since: Aug 2017
A.K.A: Kittie
Fave piercing: Surface piercings
Specialist In: Ears, nostril
Loves: Piercing, dogs
Hates: Rude people!
Would rather be: Adopting all the greyhounds
With SK since: November 2017

Fountain Gate

A.K.A: Lace
Fave piercing: Medusa
Specialist In: Dermals (installation and removal)
Loves: Black Milk
Hates: Seafood
Would rather be: A cat
With SK since: July 2017
A.K.A: None
Fave piercing: Nipples
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: Horror movies and puppies
Hates: Ignorance and rude people
Would rather be: Taking a road trip
With SK since: August 2017
A.K.A: Rhi
Fave piercing: Nipple and christina
Specialist In: Triple, double, single helix
Loves: Acrobatics, body mod
Hates: Praying mantis
Would rather be: In the middle of a forest
With SK since: Aug 2017
A.K.A: Case
Fave piercing: Daith and nipple
Specialist In: Nipples, daith, septum, navels, helix, rook, VCH
Loves: Music, movies, tattoos, piercings
Hates: Country music, drake
Would rather be: At Hogwarts
With SK since: December 2017


A.K.A: Do I really have to name them all???
Fave piercing: Inner Conch, Industrial
Specialist In: Nipples, including inversion correction
Loves: The smell of cut grass, sleeping in
Hates: The sun
Would rather be: Off on thrilling adventures
With SK since: September 2013
A.K.A: Zombiekitti
Fave piercing: Anything different, anything ears
Specialist In: Daith, all ears
Loves: Cats!
Hates: Spiders
Would rather be: Travelling the world in a campervan
With SK since: June 2018
A.K.A: Parichu, Weewee
Fave piercing: Shark Bites, Smiley
Specialist In: TBA
Loves: Anime & Manga
Hates: Scratching fabric with fingernails
Would rather be: Sleeping or gaming
With SK since: June 2018
Fave piercing: Philtrum, Conch
Specialist In: Dermals
Loves: Drifting, Hardcore, Skating and Cats
Hates: Existing, Summer
Would rather be: Snowboarding, at a Gig
With SK since: June 2018
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