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A:Shop 227, Cnr Yaamba Rd & Hwy One, North Rockhampton, Stocklands Shopping Centre, 4701, QLD
Shop 227, Cnr Yaamba Rd & Hwy One, North Rockhampton, Stocklands Shopping Centre, 4701, QLD

Hi there! Welcome to SkinKandy Rockhampton, another of our #1 body piercing locations in Australia. You can find us at Stocklands Shopping Centre, shop 227! Not only are we your local Rockhampton body piercing experts, but we also provide an awesome range of carefully sourced jewellery. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it at SkinKandy Rockhampton! Our team of highly trained professionals do so many piercings each day, and they’re proud of every single one. From children’s ears to noses, as well as helix and navel piercings, you can trust us for all of your Rockhampton body piercing needs.

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Meet your Piercers


Fave piercing:Philtrum
Specialist In:TBA
Loves:Photography, Art, Animals, Books
Hates:Rude people, Humidity
Would rather be:Adventuring or cosy with a book. There is no in-between!
With SK since:February 2018


Fave piercing:Industrial, dermals
Specialist In:Septum, Industrial
Loves:Animals, music, art, games, books, Bunnings snags
Hates:Mean people, summer
Would rather be:Reading or hanging out with animals
With SK since:November 2019


Fave piercing:3 in my tongue & my big lobes ^.^
Specialist In:Septums and Daiths
Hates:Not having coffee
Would rather be:Drinking Coffee
With SK since:


A.K.A:Clo, Clover. ‘That piercing chick’ is something I get called a lot too.
Fave piercing:Stretched conch, Nipples, Horizontal lip, Big fat stretched lobes
Specialist In:Daiths, Dermals
Loves:Naps, Bunnings, Puppas, Cars, Racing, Adventures, Cold & rainy weather, My biological and not biological family, Tattoos
Hates:Clowns, Insects (esp. praying mantis) Spiders, Heights, Repetitiveness, People who don’t wear shoes/unclean people, Hangovers, Waking up before my alarm.
Would rather be:Exploring or relaxing with people I love
With SK since:August 2014


A.K.A:Just Ayla
Fave piercing:Dermals & Nostrils
Specialist In:TBA
Loves:My cat, Fireball & hoarding crystals
Would rather be:Adopting every animal in sight
With SK since:June 2017
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