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SkinKandy is Australia’s largest specialist body piercing and body jewellery company (filled with the WORLDS greatest body piercers a.k.a our squad members). Operating for only 10 years, SkinKandy has grown from a single location on the Sunshine Coast to over 35 body piercing stores in major shopping centres nationwide (SAY WHAT!)

Body piercing is an industry which historically comes with a reputation for being somewhat unregulated and extreme. SkinKandy has developed a unique business model with hygienic, family-friendly clinics and welcoming retail spaces that take the extreme to the mainstream (like adding cheese on your fries, it was once an act of extreme craziness, now everyone is doin it! and how great does it taste).

Dedicated to professional development, safe piercings and offering an exceptional customer service experience to each and every customer, SkinKandy has earned a loyal following of both passionate customers and consenting parents alike.

FUN FACT: Our average piercings per SK Squad member is 5000!! That’s a whole lot of holes.

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We provide a fun and family-friendly environment in every one of our stores throughout Australia. You can find SkinKandy in Shopping Centres throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. To make a booking or ask a question simply find your store and contact us via phone, email or Facebook.

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