Got A Piercing Question?

Never remove or rotate the jewellery when cleaning a fresh piercing, and don’t pick at them with your fingers! Try letting the water from a warm shower run over your piercing to gently loosen and wash away any build up. Use your aftercare spray directly onto the site twice a day, and carefully dry the area surrounding your piercing with a clean cotton tip or make up pad – without touching the piercing site itself or the jewellery. Make sure the aftercare you have is alcohol-free and in date. If you don’t have one already, come and grab one from us!

All piercings require a sufficient “lip” or edge in order to be able to support the jewellery, otherwise this can cause the piercing to be too shallow and put too much pressure on the tissue, resulting in rejection or migration. Piercings like a helix, nostril or lip (where you can’t see the entry and exit points at the same time) are easy because they already have a clean lip or edge, however, piercings like a rook, navel or vertical labret require “grabbable” tissue. Surface and dermal piercings are usually pierced on a flat surface but still require pliable tissue for the jewellery to rest. If you’re not sure, visit your closest SkinKandy clinic for a free consultation!

The effectiveness of numbing spray or cream to alleviate pain during a piercing procedure is questionable, as it generally only numbs the first few layers of skin. Some piercers believe that numbing agents containing lidocaine may change the tension of the skin, potentially affecting the way a piercing sits once the spray or cream has worn off. While it’s not something we actively promote or use in store, choosing to use a numbing agent before you arrive is a personal decision, and we want you to feel comfortable and at ease. Please just let your piercer know if you have applied a numbing agent prior to your procedure.

We highly recommend postponing your piercing if you aren’t feeling your best. This is to ensure your immune system can focus its attention on helping your piercing heal. If you are currently experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and seek medical advice!

Online Order Questions

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns for change of mind.

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Other Questions

We love kids and they are always welcome in our store! However, it’s not always appropriate to have them in the clinic with you during a piercing. We’d like to have your undivided attention and you need to have ours. Any kind of distraction can quickly become a hazard and we don’t want anything to compromise your safety (or ours!). So, if you have little ones that need supervision, please either bring someone along to watch them during your procedure or come on your own – what a perfect excuse for some “you” time!

We cannot pierce anyone who is pregnant due to risk of infection. Your body is working so hard to create and provide for new life, so there is also a chance your piercing may not heal very well. Even after giving birth, your body needs time to heal after all the stress it has been through and to focus on providing for the baby. We recommend waiting a minimum of 6 months after giving birth before getting a piercing.

There are certain medical conditions and medications that need careful consideration in determining if it’s safe to perform a piercing. In some cases, a medical certificate is required before proceeding. It’s our duty of care to ensure we are doing what’s right for you and we will never do anything to compromise your safety. Please contact our customer care team for more information before making an appointment.

No. Nipple and genital piercings are restricted to clients 18 years of age or older, and photo ID must be provided. No exceptions!