Safe Piercings for Your Little Ones

Saying that we love piercings kid’s ears sounds kind of weird. But it’s actually really cool. The little gals and guys who come in with their parents are super special to us. The SkinKandy Squad are specialist Piercers, proud of every piercing we do, and that means ensuring that every customer, both big and teeny-tiny, have a great experience.

In an industry that sometimes comes across as a bit, well… scary… we provide a safe and family-friendly environment using industry-leading equipment and maintaining strict hygiene practices.

Here are some of the services we offer for our little customers:

Double Operator Service

This is where two of our professional piercers perform the piercing together at the same time. This helps ensure the process is nice and quick for your child.

Method of Choice

Gone are the days of the old-school, re-usable plastic guns! We use a device that is individually packaged, single-use and sterile, ensuring a safer, more hygienic procedure. It is also more gentle and quiet than the old school piercing guns, making for a nicer experience for your child.

At SkinKandy, from 13 years old onwards we offer needles as a method of choice. Simply ask one of our piercers about your options and make the choice that’s right for you.


Not only do we stock a large range of initial piercing jewellery (including titanium and solid 14kt gold), we also have a range of high-quality studs and sleepers in all kinds of fun designs to change to when the piercings are healed.

Children’s Ear Piercings FAQs

What is the benefit of the double operator service?

Having two operators means that both ears can be pierced at the same time. The piercing is over and done with before they know it and there is no risk of your child not wanting to do the second ear!

Is everything clean and sterile?

Some of our SkinKandy Squad are parents as well, so we know firsthand that as a parent you want to make sure your child is in good hands. Rest assured, we operate in an extremely clean and sterile environment, maintaining industry-leading hygiene practices.

How long does the piercing take?

The piercing itself takes only a second! However, it is best to allow an overall 10-15 minutes to choose the jewellery, get comfortable in the clinic and choose the correct placement.

How do I look after the new piercings?

We recommend cleaning the piercings for a minimum of 6-8 weeks with an alcohol-free aftercare solution which is available in all stores. It is important not to touch the piercings, including twisting the jewellery. For cleaning directions, follow the instructions on your aftercare card provided by your piercer. 

Do I need to make a booking?

We suggest making a booking for the double operator service so that we can ensure two piercers are available at your preferred time. Weekends and holidays are some of our busiest times, so it’s a good idea to call ahead on the day to make sure we have a free space for you.

What jewellery do you recommend?

Titanium jewellery is great for initial piercings. It is a premium quality metal that is up to 60% lighter than other metals, putting less weight on little lobes. Titanium is also hypoallergenic with no nickel or alloys, promoting faster healing. We have a large variety in store and our SkinKandy Squad can talk you through the different options to suit your child. 

How old do children have to be before they can have their ears pierced?

We can pierce children’s ear lobes from 6 months, pending an in-house anatomy consultation. If their lobes are too small, it can cause the jewellery to be uncomfortable and cause problems with healing. It can also cause the piercings to migrate as they grow. For these reasons, if we deem earlobes to be too small, we will not pierce them.

Does every piercer have experience doing kid’s lobes?
Absolutely! The SkinKandy Squad are all highly trained and have experience piercing children’s ears.
What if my child changes their mind?

We will never force your child if they are showing signs of not wanting to get pierced. We won’t open the jewellery from the sterile package until the procedure is ready to go and will communicate with your child to make sure they are still happy to go ahead. If they’ve changed their mind before the earrings have been opened, no worries!

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