Helix Piercings 101

Helix Piercings 101

If you’ve found yourself here we can only assume you’re considering getting a helix piercing and to be honest we don’t blame you, the curated ear look is so in at the moment! But we also know the process can be a bit daunting when you’re not quite sure what a helix piercing is, never mind the rest of the options available. Through this blog, we’ll give you the 101 on helix piercings so you can walk into your appointment with confidence!

What is a Helix Piercing?

A helix piercing is when cartilage on the outer upper ear is pierced. You can have a single, double or even triple helix piercing – it all just depends what look you’re after! At SK, we can do up to four piercings in one sitting so you can say goodbye to waiting and hello to your new look. Waiting is overrated anyway.

If you think that covers all helix piercings, you are sorely mistaken as there is also the option for a forward helix piercing. As the name suggests, the piercing is on the forward helix. Follow along with the curve of your cartilage around your ear until you reach the side of your face – that is the forward helix. You can also have double or triple ear piercings on your forward helix.

Age of Consent

If you’re below the age of 13, sorry this piercing is not for you YET! But don’t stop saving those curated ear looks on Pinterest just yet because by the time you’re 13 you’ll know exactly what you want.

As for those aged 13 – 16 years old, you’ll need parental/guardian consent, evidence of a Medicare card and photo I.D for both you and your parent/gaurdian. If you’re from QLD/NSW, a parent does not need to be present and can give consent via a phone call. However, if you’re from VIC your parent or guardian needs to be present to give consent.

Once you reach the ripe old age of 16 all you’ll need to provide is photo I.D with your D.O.B and a 16+ consent form, and the piercing is all yours!


Depending on the jewellery and metal you choose helix piercings start at $40 with steel, $50 with titanium or $55 with internally threaded titanium. Check out our Piercing Menu here.

Piercing Process

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s give you a rundown on the process of getting it done, so you’re not anxiously waiting to find out on the day.

Before getting it done, one of our piercers will check that your ear is anatomically correct for a helix piercings, and then it’s time to pick your jewellery! Once you’re in the clinic, your piercer will give you an explanation of the process, mark up the place you want to be pierced and let you check to see if you’re happy with it AND then it’s finally time to get pierced.

The actual piercing is very fast and is just a big deep breath in, then on the exhale the piercing will be finished, and it’s just a case of popping in the jewellery.


Once you’ve got the piercing, it’s now time for aftercare! Actively cleaning your piercing will help it heal safely and minimums the risk of infection (’cause nobody wants that).

You should be cleaning your new helix piercing twice a day for 6-8 weeks with Protat Natural Sea Salt Spray. If necessary, remove any excess aftercare solution around the piercing (be careful not to snag the jewellery) with a clean gauze or paper towel. When dry, rinse the solution off the skin. No twisting or turning. Do not remove from piercing to clean. Jewellery can usually be changed after 6-8 weeks.

If you feel that your piercing is getting very painful, not healing or is getting infected it is better to be safe than sorry so we suggest heading back to your local SK for someone to have a look it, or popping in to see your GP.


We understand that getting a piercing, whether it’s your first or third, can be a bit of an emotional affair, after all, it’s your way of expressing who you are! So, we hope all your questions are now answered, and you’re ready to book in to get your helix done today. Trust us; it’s a decision totally worth making.

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