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A:Shop 1064, 2320 Logan Road, Upper Mount Gravatt, Westfield Garden City, 4122, QLD
Shop 1064, 2320 Logan Road, Upper Mount Gravatt, Westfield Garden City, 4122, QLD

Welcome to SkinKandy Garden City, yet another of our #1 body piercing locations across Australia. If you’d like to visit us at, we’re at Westfield Garden City. Whatever you’re looking for in the way of body piercing, we can do it. We even stock an incredible range of jewellery, and we only source the highest quality because we believe you deserve the best!

We’ve got a team of highly trained, friendly and professional staff who absolutely love what they do. Best of all, our crew can practically do anything you need. From children’s ears to helix piercings and anything else you need, we’re the ones to see for Garden City body piercing. If you’re ready to get started on your piercing journey, what are you waiting for? Hit the button below and make a booking with our friendly team at SkinKandy Garden City today!

Meet your Piercers


Fave piercing:Conch
Specialist In:Nostrils
Hates:Kay Perry
Would rather be:asleep
With SK since:Nov 2016


Fave piercing:Navel
Specialist In:Conch, Navel, Nipples
Loves:Food, Gym, and Tattoos
Hates:Do you want names?
Would rather be:In bed
With SK since:April 2018


Fave piercing:Philtrum
Specialist In:All things genital!
Loves:Roller Derby, Rainy days and chocolate
Hates:Rude people, summer, country music
Would rather be:Skating
With SK since:Oct 2013


Fave piercing:Double tragus & nostril piercings
Specialist In:TBA
Loves:My cats, shoes, classic rock music, tattoos
Hates:Group Activities, judgemental people
Would rather be:Travelling though Europe
With SK since:April 2019


Fave piercing:Nipples, Navel, Conch & Nostrils
Specialist In:Navels, Nipples & Nostrils
Loves:Make-up, Softball, Piercing, Star Wars & Food
Hates:Large Crowds & Early Mornings
Would rather be:Asleep
With SK since:September 2020


Fave piercing:Conch, Vertical Labret
Specialist In:Dermals, Conch, Triple Anything
Loves:Cheese, My cat, My twin sister, Ugly cute things
Hates:Fascists, Slow walkers, Loud people
Would rather be:Travelling, With my pals or in my bed
With SK since:June 2017
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