SO you’re sitting at home, wondering what your next jewellery purchase should be. You realise you haven’t updated your body jewellery for a while now and you decide you want something a little extra. But wait…what size and style is it that you need to get the right one that works for YOU? If you’re not 100% confident in being able to size yourself and install your own jewellery – we’re here to help!

How do I find the right size jewellery for my piercing?

First things first, if you’re unsure on what jewellery to get – we can’t stress this enough – the best thing for you to do is visit your nearest SkinKandy store and have a piercer help you find the right size for you. You can also check out our body piercing size chart below as a guide to standard gauge, length and diameters for each piercing type.

Ill-fitting jewellery can hinder the healing process and the success of your piercing. It’s important that you’re wearing the right style, gauge and length of jewellery. We have loads of options, so you will need to consider how you want the jewellery to sit (eg. snug or a little bit of room) and we can go from there.

When can I downsize my jewellery and why is it important?

Downsizing is when you change your jewellery to a slightly shorter (preferably sterile) piece. The jewellery used in initial piercings is slightly longer than required to allow for swelling. If you continue to wear the original jewellery after the initial swelling has subsided, chances are that excessive movement of the longer jewellery can cause prolonged irritation and impact the success of your piercing. Depending on the type of piercing and the individual healing process, most piercings can be changed from 6-8 weeks pending an assessment from a piercer. Oral piercings can often be changed a little sooner. We always recommend your first jewellery change is done with the assistance of your piercer. Remember to come back to see us for your free 2-week check-up so we can check how your piercing is progressing.


When can I change my jewellery?

We generally recommend leaving your initial jewellery in for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. After a check-up and we give you the all-clear, we can help you change it to a slightly shorter, sterile piece of jewellery. Some piercings can take up to 6-12 months to fully heal, so it’s important to be patient.