Curved Barbells

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If you are looking for a piercing that is versatile yet attractive you need to add a couple of curved barbells to your collection. These stunning pieces consist of a bent bar with a ball on one or both ends. You also have the option to choose a piece decorated with glittering gems for a piercing that will truly take your breath away.

Although they are the most common option for eyebrow and navel piercings they are incredibly popular for a good reason. Due to the wide range of gauges and sizes that are available you can use your curved barbells for any piercing on your body. From your ears to your septum, the options are endless.

Opt for curved barbells in titanium or gold plated steel for a real statement. Alternatively, you can use one of our glass eyebrow retainers to discreetly hide your body art without compromising your individuality.

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