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Collection One: Celebrities With Curated Ears

Collection One: Celebrities With Curated Ears

Whenever we need inspiration, whether it be for makeup, outfits or hairstyles we turn to our favourite celebs and influencers. From tossing up between a new bold lip or taking the plunge into finally getting that fringe we find ourselves scrolling through their Instagram accounts screenshotting their latest looks. And now, as the trend grows, we find ourselves checking out their ever-increasing ear bling (aka curated ears).

Curated ears, ear stack, constellation piercings or whatever else you may be calling it are basically just carefully chosen ear piercings placed strategically on an individual’s ear to create a new and unique look per person and their ear shape. A single ear piercing is ~old~ news and if you’re tired of your usual ear look and are in need of some new ear piercing ideas you’ve come to the right place! Over the next few weeks we’ll be checking out everyone’s favourite celebs and what they’re doing with their ear bling, so follow along for more inspiration. For today we’ll be talking all things Keke Palmer and her amazing ear collection.

Keke Palmer is an American actress, singer and TV personality. Palmer made her acting debut in the film Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004), but you may know her from Scream Queens, Scream the TV show or Hustlers. Not only is she an incredible actress, KeKe is a fashion icon! From outfits, to make up to hairstyles she’s always on trend – and now so are her piercing.

Images by Keke Palmer via Instagram

Keke shared an up-close selfie of her piercings in one of her ears, which include her triples on her lobe, a double flat at the top of her ear and most recently two conch piercings. If you’re after symmetry this might be the look for you!

Although her other ear may not hold the same symmetry, this look may be more suited to you if you’re not ready to commit to 7 piercings in one ear. Instead of 3 lobe piercings, she just has one, which is followed by three helix piercings all in close proximity to each other.

Images by Keke Palmer via Instagram and Instagram

Feeling inspired and ready to get some new piercings? Head to your local SK and get a personal consultation with one of our squad members to help curate your unique look today! Still looking for more inspiration? Stay tuned for next weeks celeb and the ear looks they’re flaunting atm.

P.s if you get pierced with us use the hashtag #piercedbysk so we can check out all your new curated ears.

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Collection Four: Celebrities With Curated Ears

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